I am a graphic designer, I live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I am specialised on two different areas of design; branding/packaging design and UI/UX web design.

I’ve graduated from one of the best universities in Turkey, Bilkent University. I’ve worked as a creative director & senior art director for several design agencies in Istanbul. My last job as an employee was the head of design department for Hayat Group which is a multi billion dollar international FMCG company. My main responsibility was managing the design team and and agency desgin workflow. Other than that I personally designed most of the main brands’ packagings and company’s main web site. I was responsible of a team contains 11 graphic designers who are located 9 in Istanbul, 1 in Moscow and 1 in Tehran.

I established my own design company Runika in 2015 with my wife who is a professional advertisement photographer. I won several design awards and I worked for the some of the biggest brands in Turkey. At Runika, I’ve designed web sites, IOS & Android apps, video production & motion design projects besides branding & packaging projects. (Runika former web site)

Money isn’t everything. In early 2016, me and my wife closed our agency and moved to Ontario, Canada. Currently I am working on my own video game.

I have a new life now. So far so good.


Even though I am a designer, I’ve great knowledge about print production, using Pantone colors, hotstamping, mediums like paper and plastic. My designs printed all over the world and I traveled some of those countries for the printing process approvals, including USA, Italy, Germany, Russia and Egypt.

I’ve won several national design awards on packaging design. You can see my awarded works in portfolio section.


Specialising in branding and packaging design doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t work on the other design areas.


2D and 3D Illustrations

If you are a packaging designer, you have to know about illustration. Most of the projects I created my own illustrations. If you design packaging you have use several product illustrations or illustrative icons. Other than that I like illustration as a hobby too.


Web / Interactive / Mobile

I was a creative director of Gri Creative which is one of the best interactive agencies in Istanbul. Since then I am designing web sites occasionally. I’ve general knowledge about HTML5 and CSS. If any database necessary I use WordPress, in other situations I design static sites using Adobe Muse and Adobe Dreamviewer. I also design animated/static html banners for mobile apps or web sites.


3D Modelling & 3D Visualisation

I am not a 3D artist because it is an entirely a different area of expertise, but I can model and create visuals and/or animations when needed. I present most of my packaging designs as 3D visuals instead of 2D front views to brand managers/clients. I also designed some industrial objects and some of them has been produced, but because of my lack of industrial design software knowledge (such as Solidworks) they had to be recreated with those softwares.


Motion Design & Video Post Production

I always have interest on motion design & video editing as a designer. So over the years I created several motion design works and video shooting/editings. I use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.



Even though I like my job, I am not only about graphic design.


I like to read Manga and watch Anime

Whenever I find spare time I like to read mangas such as Bleach, One Peace etc. I finished most of the animes I like so I an constantly in a search for more animes.


I play Guitar

I started to play guitar at the age of 15. Of course my guitar was a Jackson because I was a huge fan of Megadeth. But currently I like to play blues. I hope I can find some folks in Canada to jam with. (I am not a pro though)


Mmorpg Fan

Ultima Online took my several years, I had no recollections of those days, and then World of Warcraft. If I have a chance to play with some friends I would like to return those glorious days!


Learning things & watching tutorials

I have a thing to learn more about everything… Now I am learning Unity. In the future if I have time I would like to create my own game from scratch. It is not about money or career. It is about creating a design product from scratch and directly offer to the masses, I like the idea of it.