Video Production & Editing

At Runika, we also introduced our clients to video production for different platforms including TV and Web.
I was able to use my video skills that I’ve gained through my Graphic Design education.

I’m experienced in shooting, directing, editing, motion graphics, green screen setup & keying and video compression/export standards.

You can find samples of video productions below.

Fotostop TV Program Pilot

Fotostop is a TV entertainment show about daily photography for everyone.

The pilot of the program was accepted by one of the biggest national channels in Turkey, KanalTürk. However, due to the lack of a sponsor, it was never aired.
The pilot of the show is entirely shot on my own green screen studio. I co-directed and I did all of the keying and video editing besides creating motion graphics and animations.

Indomie Noodles Preparation Viral Videos

Indomie Noodles is one of the famous noodle brands in the world. They wanted low budget preparation videos for social media. I co-directed and edited 6 different viral noodle preparation videos in my green screen studio.
All the green screen keying, post production, editing, color grading done by me.